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RealFit launches for the Oculus Rift on Steam early access from August 2020, features include:
  • Preset workouts for cardio and strength training
  • Exercise library lets you build custom workouts
  • Games using exercise mechanics
  • Real-time stats tracking and records saved to your profile
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Get Moving

RealFit uses bodyweight training mechanics so you can get moving in the way that works best for you.

You don't need any extra exercise equipment to get active using RealFit.

All you'll need:

  • A VR headset
  • Your body

Real Fitness

A fun way to workout your body based on your own fitness level and goals.

RealFit uses varied exercise dynamics to deliver an effective workout, choose from a pre-set workout or build your own from the custom menu.

Your RealFit profile lets you keep track of your stats and scores from workouts and games, so you can see your progress.

Virtual Reality

Don't feel stuck in the same old space, take your workout into whole new immersive environments in VR.

RealFit uses VR to track your moves and when we launch fully you'll be able to play these back in your next workout, giving you the chance to compete against your past self!

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​RealFit will soon be available as an early access release on the Steam store. Click below and add us to your wish list!

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